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The Women’s Walk Project is a guided threefold journey involving a process of preparation, a nine day walk through the Guy Fawkes river valley and a supported creative integration.

A journey of wild landscape:

Walking through Country, sculpture, poetry, sketch and song to identify our stories.

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The Journey...

A nine-day journey in the midst of wild landscape: walking through country, sculpture, poetry, sketch and song to identify our stories.


We have on our backs all we need for nine days. By virtue of the journey we become resourceful, creative, and spontaneous and allow the wild and beautiful environment itself to dictate how we can live harmoniously as part of it - what we can take from it and what we can give back. As soon as we step away from our usual lives it is as though walking through country, and all that it involves, is in itself a creative medium - the art of living simply.

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There is a strong artistic and creative element intrinsic to this project. The journey itself will involve facilitated creative process.


Following the walk, participants will be supported to continue reflecting on their experience of the walk through a creative integration piece. This process is equally as important as the walk itself and all participants are required to participate in the integration process.

The price $2000

The Women's Walk Project is a not for profit experience run through the Bellingen Community Arts Council. 

"Just for a moment I escaped and shared days of laughter and tears, wonders and challenges in a place of intense beauty. I returned feeling like I've found the missing pieces of the jigsaw of my life."


‘Transitional Journeys’ is endorsed by the Traditional Elders of this area and supported by National Parks, local community and by Regional Arts Councils.

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