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Every journey is different, dictated by the people, the land, the weather, and the moment... here is what some participants have had to say... 


…embraced in the arms of Nature, safely held, honoured and free...


Just for a moment I escaped and shared days of laughter and tears, wonders and challenges in a place of intense beauty. I returned feeling like I've found the missing pieces of the jigsaw of my life.


…my experiences are still alive and living in me each and everyday.



…a rite of passage for any age - me at 65…a time to grieve, to be grateful and to grow in grace.



…the beautiful gift of love, land connection and music…. It has crept inside my heart and is shifting down inside, trying to find a place to rest.  


womens walk 2014 file 1 122.JPG
womens walk 2014 file 1 280.JPG

‘Rarely, if ever, do we take the time to be without all the trappings of contemporary living. Rarely if ever does it seem we have the chance to spend many days at once in a wilderness setting far removed from familiar life. And yet, something ripples in our consciousness and our bodies when we find ourselves in an isolated wild environment. Something breathes in us as if we need to roll about in the colours of dusk, and the river sings in our chests as if it’s trying to sneak inside and awaken a deep cellular memory. Our senses dance in the symphony of rich dawn chorus. Our very beings seem to open out to take in the overt majesty of a mountain or even the fragile succulent beauty of a native frangipanni flower.

As we lie beside a campfire gazing into the heavens with our heads upon the earth, the stars of the night sky draw us in close as if to remind us we are amongst them. Something dormant in our modern every-day life awakens within us.

If we make these numinous moments long enough, we begin to experience reverence and wonder for the beauty and mysteries of the earth. We find a place of spontaneity and relationship. We bring back to our lives a sense of that understanding that we are a part of all this and not separate from it or from each other. The earth, unpredictable and ancient, becomes our guide as we remember once again how to listen and be still.’             Kym Pitman

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