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Preparing for the journey...

We have a saying, ‘You’ll be fit enough to do the walk once you’ve done it’.


However, working on your fitness before the walk starts will make your journey much easier and more enjoyable.

Backpacks can be expected to weigh up to 20kg at the start. (The more we eat the lighter they get!) No-one carries over a third of their body weight. This may sound like a lot but the weight is divvied around until everyone is comfortable with their load. With this in mind, a base level of fitness is needed to do the walk.


We recommend doing 45 – 60 minutes of some kind of aerobic exercise 3x week for the 3 months leading up to the walk. Uphill and downhill walking is excellent practice! The first day has a lot of down-hill and packs are at their heaviest. The first day is also the only day we need to carry water to last several hours.


Our approach to walking this country is to rarely walk more than 10k per day and if conditions allow, we will have a two-night stopover with a full day of silence. The nature of the country has us stopping for river crossings, swims and ponderings!



We will discuss with each of you in detail in our initial conversations, any issues/ concerns you have relating to your personal level of fitness or pertinent medical issues. We will then send out a detailed medical form for you to fill out if you decide to participate.


A meeting of participants will take place near Bellingen a few weeks before the walk ( September 1st- Venue and time to be advised). This meeting is to go over equipment, itinerary details, and become familiar with he walking group . However – if you are not local we can do this by phone.

We Provide

Bivvies for sleeping under (4 to a bivvy),


First Aid 

All food for the hike other than breakfast (you bring lunch on day 1) 

Cooking equipment and utensils

Satellite phone and Epirb for emergency only

Transport to and from Bellingen for the hiking component

Facilitation and guidance

All food and equipment will be shared amongst everyone to carry.

Once you have signed up, we will send you relevant documentation regarding medical and indemnity details.


Below is a list of the equipment you will be required to bring.  

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