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Meet your guides 

The Women’s Walk Project is facilitated by experienced mother and daughter team: Kym Pitman and Jemah Schmidt

Kym Pitman

Kym first walked into the Guy Fawkes gorge country (Yarramericana) in 1991. It was so deeply inspiring that the next thirty years have seen her crafting a fluid facilitation that helps to bring people to a sense of belonging and connection in wild places. Much of her work has taken place in the folds and plains of this wild and beautiful area.

Kym is an educator in Creative Arts and Wild Place. She has completed a Doctorate in Wilderness and Education, re-searching in depth, the traditions of Rite of Passage and its contemporary possibilities.

As a singer/songwriter renowned for her songs of wild country, Kym always brings a guitar and a swag of pertinent songs to the camp fire.

‘Transitional Journeys’ has been endorsed by the Traditional Elders of this area and supported by National Parks, local community and by Regional and National Arts Councils.

Jemah Schmidt

Jemah first experienced deep connection to the Guy Fawkes as an early teenager walking with her family, then as a participant of Kym’s facilitated processes, a mentor, and co-facilitator. Jemah has developed a deep relationship with the Guy Fawkes River country and a keen eye for what lives and grows there.

Jemah’s connection to nature, coupled with her love of wild places, and a desire to share knowledge with people has led her to working extensively as a qualified Wilderness Guide in many parts of Australia. Jemah is a continuing student of Gumbaynggirr language and culture. She continues to explore her connection with wild places. 

Vicky Mackenzie

Vicky has walked with us on every Women’s Walk Project and developed a great love for the country and the nature of the project. Vicky now works with us in preparation and organisation in many areas of the project as well as assisting on the walk itself.

Vicky has rehomed four Guy Fawkes Brumbies and works with them bringing equine therapy to her community.

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